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Don’t settle for dirt with our oven cleaning in and around London

double oven and kitchen appliances deal

Oven Clean Team provides specialists in numerous local areas, that will leave any cooker shiny and ready for use right after the treatment. For excellent results and customer comfort, we offer:

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An oven during the cleaning.After cleaning wow-effect

Professional domestic oven clean of:

  • All types of range cookers
  • One or two rack ovens
  • Single & double ovens
  • AGA cookers included
  • Microwave ovens

Note: We will need hot water and electricity for a full and efficient procedure. The cooker itself should be cold before the cleaning starts.

What to expect if you hire a standard cooker cleaning session with our company:

  1. The technician will come in the arranged hour of convenience
  2. He will carry all the equipment, detergents and tools needed for the proper execution of the job, the only thing we may need assistance with is hot water.
  3. An inspection of the appliances in question ensues, the cleaners make sure everything is working properly before starting the actual treatment.
  4. All surroundings will be covered with plastic sheets thus avoiding unwanted spills and mess. The technicians have their own overshoes.
  5. All removable parts of the oven are to be disassembled and soaked in a dip tank with a solution. This way 100% of the mess will be removed. This so called tank will be brought by the technician.
  6. Manual scrubbing of the inside and outside
  7. Once everything is clean we rinse it with water for one last time
  8. Each part of your cooker will be carefully put back to its spot
  9. The technician will perform a maintenance check on the oven to make sure everything is all right and working properly.

If you are not convinced yet…

… check our price list and get in touch for more details and expert advice. We support 24/7 hotline so if you have additional questions feel to give us a bell. Find us in and around East London, West London, North London, South London, Greater London.

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