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Kitchen Extraction Deep Cleaning Services in London and Around | Oven Clean Team

Grease is highly flammable and cleaning the filter won’t reduce potential fire risks… Oven Clean Team promises to secure your kitchen grease extraction system, lowering the risk of fire accidents. High temperatures in dirty ducting are substantially dangerous. Having a real professional clean your filters, fans and ducting guarantees no fire hazards and not only:

  • Half a decade of experience in the field, making us a cleaning company leader
  • Eco-friendly degreasers
  • Cleaning technicians that are vetting checked!
  • Ordering more than one booking unlocks special lower prices

Suggestion: our clients often combine this service with a our cooktop cleaning service.

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Maintain your canopy extraction system with a professional cleaning service

A residential cooker hood being cleaned by a professional.An expert preparing to clean the cooker hood fans.

Kitchen extract systems are prone to clogging with grease and debris because they are the main route for cooking smoke/evaporation. Special attention is necessary in order to preserve them functional for longer.

Our cleaning experience has taught us to deal with said debris completely and in depth. For cooker hoods, we use our dip tank method:

  1. We take apart all the removable parts of the extractor hood;
  2. We dip the filters into a tank filled with toxic-free non-abrasive solution;
  3. While they soak, we manually scrub the body with strong degreasers;
  4. Finally, we rinse and dry everything and we mount back the appliance;
  5. In case you ask, we can replace a gone-off light bulb or the whole filter;

Kitchen ventilation cleaning for residential and commercial properties in & around London

Oven Clean Team has a local pro in every London area and not only. We cover regions around the M25 highway as well. We serve every business or household – canteens, industrial kitchens, restaurants, private kitchens.

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