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Why order deep cleaning of domestic kitchens from Oven Clean Team?

Cleaning the kitchen can be one of the most vexatious tasks in the home cleanliness maintenance. Low kitchen hygiene will inevitably result in attracting pests. No one would like that around their food (or in the house for that matter).

However, having professionals comprehensively clean your kitchen through and through will significantly reduce that risk along with ensuring safer cooking environment. Oven Clean Team is able to achieve this through the extensive cleaning of:

*On rare occasions grime spots on the walls may be uncleanable due to the type of the surface. In this case repair work would be needed instead.

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Oven Clean Team disassembling an oven that is to be cleaned.Exctraction hood being cleaned by a professional.

Our kitchen cleaning service in details

  • Our experience shows that a small kitchen is fully sanitised by a single cleaning technician after around 3 hours. This is why we’ve made it our policy to have a minimum of 3 hours booking. Any larger kitchen we will handle by sending more than one pro cleaner, which will not change the price as the service is hourly based.
  • The only things we may need are detergents, equipment and hot water. Upon request (£6) we will bring our own detergents (children & pet safe) and equipment, too (£10).
  • The oven cleaning in this service does not include our dip tank technology. If you insist on having it, do note our staff when we get in touch as it is charged differently!
  • If you are located outside M25, the price per hour becomes £15 instead of £13. See price details.

A Kitchen Clean company that operates in your local area

We provide our services in most of South, Midlands and North West England and we will have local experts for you as well.

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