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Would you like a Deep Professional cleaning for a spotless commercial kitchen with Oven Clean Team?

Professional deep cleaning of commercial kitchens is a necessity when it comes to a successful and respected business. Neglected kitchens will inevitably lead to food-borne diseases, which may reflect on reputation.

Food Safety & Hygiene audits come costly if a food handler isn’t maintaining their commercial kitchen professionally clean and in compliance with the present hygiene regulations. Oven Clean Team offers comprehensive cleaning of:

  • Convection, Thermal, Induction and Gas Commercial ovens (up to 10 burners)
  • Commercial fridge and freezers
  • Ventilation hoods, exhaust fans and filters
  • Kitchen canopy and ductwork
  • Grease traps and dishwashers
  • All sinks and sink drainage
  • Countertops, shelves and cabinets
  • Splashback, walls and floor
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Why is deep cleaning considered necessary for commercial kitchens?

Commercial oven after our professional serviceA pro cleaning the commercial kitchen canopy.

It’s strongly recommended that the industrial kitchen cleaning is being carried out by a specialised company. Local diners, hospitals, restaurants, school, uni or business canteens and cafeterias alike should as food handlers, comply to a set of strict hygiene standards, according to Food Safety laws.

Fortunately the experts at Oven Clean Team have enough experience and skills to ensure your business:

  • Food-safe environment
  • No issues with commercial hygiene safety regulations
  • Significantly reduced risk of fire
  • Higher energy efficiency of the white goods
  • Extended kitchen equipment lifespan
  • More pleasant workplace for employees

We also stand out with…

  • Selected, DBS checked, experienced cleaning technicians
  • 24/7 customer support centre
  • Thorough London coverage
  • Working on weekends and Bank Holidays
  • All our services are insured

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