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Extensive Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

Be it commercial or household kitchens, any environment intended for food preparation must ensure food-borne illness-free conditions.

With Oven Clean Team’s help you can have adept kitchen cleaning services on a professional level which guarantee you the cooking safety along with:

  • Minimal risk of bacterial contamination in food
  • High kitchen hygiene standards, in accordance with present Food Safety legislations (for commercial kitchen owners)
  • Clean appliances equals lower electricity bills as well as reduced fire hazards
  • A pleasant place to work/cook at
  • Less kitchen equipment maintenance

With our deep clean services, you are receiving an inclusive in-depth cleaning of all types of ovens and refrigerators, extraction canopy and kitchen fitting, tiles and grout, walls, ceilings and floors.

A recently cleaned commercial kitchen.

What kind of kitchen do you need to be cleaned?

Commercial Kitchen

  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of complaints
  • Dodge the Hygiene & Food Safety fines
  • Easier maintenance afterwards

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Household Kitchen

  • Very low risk of pest infestation
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Family-friendly & healthy environment
  • Non-toxic detergents

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Complete local area coverage in London and not only

Oven Clean Team has technicians near you, no matter which London area you live in. As a matter of fact, skilled cleaning personnel will always be available just around the corner even if you’re situated in the areas around the M25 highway.

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