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Professional Gas Safe Cooker Installation in London by Certified Experts

If you have had a gas cooker or hob installed before, you should know that such appliances need to be installed or replaced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This is required by law and is obligatory for all kinds of gas-fueled appliances. Oven Clean Team is a professional company that works with certified Gas Safe engineers. But how to find out if an engineer is Gas Safe registered?

The most important thing you should know about registered Gas Safe engineers is that every single one of them should have an ID card with a license number on it. And you can check if that number is valid here. If your appliances are not installed or replaced by a licensed engineer, and an accident happens on your property because of that, that would invalidate any insurance policies you have. So, be very careful who you’re hiring and always check your gas cooker installers.

Why choose Oven Clean Team’s gas appliances installation services in London?

  • Professional installation by licensed Gas Safe experts.
  • You will receive a Gas Appliances Installation Certificate at the end of the job.
  • Your new cooker will be safety checked and ready to work.
  • The experts we work with can also install hoods, gas hobs, gas ovens, gas boilers and other appliances if needed. Even dual-fuel ones.
  • Disconnecting your old cooker will not be a problem for us, so we can do it.
  • We can take care of your old cooker and dispose it upon request and against a small additional payment.
  • If you smell leaking gas in your home, we can help you out. In case of a gas leak, or if your burners don’t work properly, the technicians will gladly repair the appliances. Please mind that we will not be able to help fix any electronics problems if you have such.

How much will gas cooker and hob installation in London cost you?

Gas Engineer
Monday – Saturday
Saturday – Sunday
8 am – 6 pmAfter 6 pm8 am – 6 pm
First Hour
Subsequent Half Hours
Half Day (4 hours)
Full Day (8 hours)

*Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

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How we do the gas cooker fitting?

  1. An engineer will evaluate the condition of all gas connections and will make sure they are safe to use. They should meet all legal requirements.
  2. Then he will disconnect the existing cooker if it is still there.
  3. Your new appliance will be connected to the existing gas pipe. And the gas supply will be checked for tightness.
  4. When your new cooker is properly connected, the technician will make sure it is working and ready to use to the industry standard and manufacturer’s specification.
  5. If the appliance works well, the expert will perform a full health and safety check for one last time, and will then provide you with a Gas Appliance Installation certificate.

Things to consider before we arrive

There are a few things you should take care of before we arrive at your property for a gas cooker or hob installation service. We have separated them in three steps, so that you can easily follow them as a checklist. Here they are:

Step 1: Check your gas connection and supply

  • If this is your first ever gas cooker, please make sure you have a gas supply in your kitchen, within 1.5 metres of where your cooker will be. Please have in mind, that even if you have gas heating, you might not have gas pipes going to your cooker.
  • If your new cooker is dual fuel, you should also make sure that you have an electrical connection as close as 1.5 metres to your new appliance’s position. The connection should not be directly above the cooker, though.
  • Mind that gas cookers which have timers and ignition systems require 13 amp supply. If you have one of those, you need to make sure that you have 13 amp supply within 1.5 metres of the cooker.

Step 2: Check and secure the space

  • Make sure that your appliance will fit into the selected space. There should be enough space on either side of the cooker, including the back, so to allow proper ventilation. This should be written in your product’s specification, so you can read it there.
  • We need to have clear access to the area where you want the cooker or hob fitted. Make sure the area is de-cluttered from kitchen utensils and other personal belongings.

Step 3: Secure the safety of the environment

  • It is very important that there is no flammable material behind your cooker’s or hob’s location. There shouldn’t be any wood, plastic or paper. So, things like switches, boilers, alarm sensors, wallpaper or wooden cupboards are an absolute no-no.
  • Make sure that there is someone at your house to meet the technician and to sign for the installation.

If you can’t meet some of the requirements written above, give us a call on 020 3746 3012 to discuss them.

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If you want to book a service with us, give us a call at 020 3746 3012, or simply fill in our contact form to send a request for a survey. Our technicians cover all London areas within M25. No matter, if you’re in North, South, East or West London, we’ve got you covered.

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