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Oven Clean Team's local fridge cleaning services

Refrigerators are prone to nasty odours as it sometimes happens food is left there for too long. There are also harmful food bacteria that can withstand the low temperatures (especially thriving in your salad drawer).

With a regular professional clean of your fridge, however, you can be sure that you and your family are consuming a safer meal.

  • Available all weekdays, weekends and Bank holidays
  • Trained and fully insured cleaners
  • Efficient environment-friendly cleaning equipment
  • White goods are always ready to use right after the cleaning
  • Healthy environment for your food to store in
  • Providing the service to private and commercial customers
  • Customer care centre 24/7 at your service
  • We do key pickups in case you can’t afford to be around during the session
  • Applying for more than one service at once you’re entitled to discounted prices
  • Idea: Many times, clients would go with fridge and oven cleaning treatment at the same time.

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An expert cleaning a fridge.

All kitchen appliance cleaning is surely time-consuming and tedious, yet necessary for maintaining a healthy environment. Let us help.

Steps in cleaning a customer’s refrigerator

  1. The fridge first undergoes a careful inspection for proper functionality.
  2. Before the cleaning starts we spread protective covers to make sure the mess of the cleaning stays where it belongs. We have our own overshoes, as well.
  3. Removable parts of the fridge are taken off. We are doing this so that we could reach and clean every inch of the appliance. The removed parts are being soaked, while we scrub the rest of the freezer or refrigerator from the inside and outside.
  4. After we make sure all the carbon deposits, grease and odours are completely gone, we put everything back together and turn it on. If the client is present, we ask them to inspect the results themselves before we go.

For optimal results, we ask of you to defrost the ice build ups beforehand.

Where are you from? We cover all London postcodes as well as those outside M25

Oven Clean Team will have cleaning specialists near your property. For more information on the areas covered you can see the list on our homepage.

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