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Tricks and Tips for Even More Delicious Microwave Oven-Cooked Food

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The microwave oven is the appliance that we use daily both at home and at the workplace. It’s convenient, because it’s compact, easy to use and, most importantly – cooks food extremely fast and reheats in a matter of seconds.

Alongside the aforementioned advantages of the microwave oven, we can add a few extra tricks, that will certainly change the way you operate it.

They are completely unbooked, but quite efficient at that. They help when reheating, as well as cooking in the microwave oven.

Position your food at the ends

The place where we put our food matters greatly for its even preparation. When we put the utensil in the microwave, we have to make sure we place it near the edge of the glass holder. Why? Because the microwaves have high and low points of heating. They do not reach evenly the centre of the appliance.

Add juiciness with a glass of water

In order to avoid the dry and tasteless food, we just have to place a glass full of water, while reheating yesterday’s leftovers. That way we will not only improve the meal texture, but we will prevent its burning, too.

Make the perfect popcorn


When we hear the words microwave oven, the image of popcorn pops out in our heads immediately. We love them extremely much, but it’s always hard to „pop“ them perfectly. The following technique, however, changes that forever. What we have to do is heat a glass of water for a minute, take it out and replace it immediately with the popcorn bag. The additional moisture won’t lead to popcorn being burnt. It won’t make them too wet, either.

Use round utensils

Another very effective way to preserve the taste of the food in the microwave oven is the usage of round utensils to heat. If we have the opportunity to choose between a round and a square bowl, it’s always better to choose the round one. It gives us an even distribution of heat.

Ring-shape the food in the plate

Due to the aforementioned fact, that the food doesn’t heat evenly in the middle, it’s really important to keep it at the edge of the plate in a ring-shape form. That way there won’t be any burnt or cold parts in the same plate.

An easy way to clean the microwave oven


Are you tired of the obnoxious smell of the cleaning detergents? What about the rough and dry skin on your hands, after you spend hours of scrubbing the oven’s walls? There’s much more pleasant, eco-friendly and aromatic way to clean our microwave.

All you need is orange peels.

Peel a fruit and leave the peels in a plate, appropriate for microwave oven use. Cover them with water. Place the plate in the microwave oven for around 7 minutes. Since the different brands have different parameters, I won’t recommend any settings. At lower temperature, you can leave it even for 14 minutes. Your reference point can be the presence of water. If it evaporates and only the peels remain – it’s about time you turn off the appliance.

Leave the oven closed around 20 minutes after that. That way the concentrated heat will dissolve completely the greasy stains, whereas the oven itself will cool out, so that you can easily finish it off with a dry cotton towel.

The acid in the orange peels dissolves the oiled stains, which are amongst the main oven contaminators. However, it will be fairly impractical to use such technique when cleaning a big domestic stove. Cleaning a large cooker would require much more of your attention, as professional oven cleaners from London recommend a monthly deep cleaning for excellent results.

Apart from that, the orange flavour will remove the stale smell, which sometimes sticks for a long time in your oven. You will be left with a pleasant citrus aroma in the whole kitchen, too.

As far as the orange itself is concerned, you can eat it as a reward for a job well-done.

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