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Traditional British Cuisine From Dawn of Ages to Modern Times

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fish and chips by the seaside

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The British cuisine is not as popular as the French or the Italian, since it’s prone to foreign influence. It’s just enough to mention the so popular chicken tikka masala or the Chinese-influenced stir-fry, though you won’t see anything like that nowadays in the Asian country.

Here, we will talk about the typical British fry-up – English breakfast, the 5 o’clock cuppa tea, the juicy roasted beefsteak, best cooked in a clean oven, the playful muffins and the Sunday roast – the main accents of the British cuisine that have been around our country for centuries.

British Cuisine Peculiarities

Brittons’ all time favourite fish and chips.

From the beginning of the British Renaissance, the English cuisine has characterised with its simplicity in cooking dishes and is based on high-quality natural products. That’s a result from the heritage of the English puritans.

The traditional meals have an old origin – oven roasted and stewed meat, game and salty meat pies, boiled and stewed vegetables, broths, sea and freshwater fish – boiled, grilled or oven-baked.

During the XIV century, the famous cooking book, called “Forme of Cury” was just off the press. The main chef of king Richard II enriched its contents with various recipes.

The contemporary British cuisine is influenced by the island location, the climate, the British empire times and the post-military immigration, the European cuisines, mostly French. It’s also enriched by ingredients and ideas from the Indian and the Chinese cuisines.

The influence of the American cuisine with its fast-food industry is especially strong.

The English Cuisine from Dusk till Dawn

The English Breakfast has become a byword for the lavish, various, high-caloric breakfast of the British folk.

The plate of the English breakfast brims over with boiled, stirred, poached eggs or omelette, fried bacon, ham or/and sausages, called bangers, bread, jam and tea. To make it a touch healthier, we add fruits, vegetables and orange juice. The lunch is lighter, and usually consists of a sandwich or a salad. The English tradition for 5 o’clock tea has preserved even up until today’s busy schedule. The tea usually goes with sandwiches or sweets. The English dinner is as plentiful as the breakfast and its obligatory meals are fish or meat.

The Meat in the British Cuisine

The most popular kinds of meat in the British cuisine are beef and lamb. They are most often grilled or oven roasted. They also make a great addition to soups. The English beefsteak and roastbeef are famous throughout the world. We flavour the roast with different sauces (Worcester, Cumberland, Tabasco, ketchup), in order to give it the typical taste. A traditional recipe is gelled lamb leg with French grapes. The wild and domesticated birds, such as turkeys and ducks, also play an important part, whereas veal gains more and more popularity every day.

Freshwater and seawater fish is most often cooked boiled or grilled. Usually, Brits serve them with white, mushroom or tomato sauce. Oysters are famous for their high quality. The salty puff-pastry with meat, cooked in different ways, is one of the biggest specialities of the British cuisine. The salty muffins witch cheese or salami also take a solid stand.

Although meat takes central place in the British cuisine, we eat a lot of vegetables, too. The most preferred ones are cauliflower, cabbage, peas, carrots and asparagus. They are most often stewed, diced in salads or served as garnishing of a multitude of meat-based dishes. The legumes are mostly oven-baked, especially beans.

British Desserts

The most popular desserts in the English cuisines are pastries. The sympathetic little cakes, called muffins are world-known. The English scones are also very popular and are nothing alike the buns throughout the rest of the world. They look more like cookies. The Britons also like to cook great puddings, jellies and other fruit desserts.

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