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The Recipe to Turn Your Habitat into a Home

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interior design

There’s a tremendous difference between “a place for living” and “a home”, right? The place where you live, whether it’s an apartment, a house, or something more unusual – is simply space, made out of concrete, tiles, steel and wood. Yet, home is the place where you live, you raise your children and you create precious memories with family and friends. Apart from keeping it clean as  If you feel your living space a bit odd and without any individuality, the following items and details will help you turn it from cold and simply functional to cosy and attractive.


Whether that will be pottery, vintage ceramics or old-time ink-stand, which you found in your grandpa’s attic, placing any kind of collection in your house is your personal way to lend colour to your furnishing and tell your own story.


The flora representatives, if possible – living, are a must, when you look for home comfort. Even a small pot with herbs on the sill or a vase with flowers on the night stand create a hospitable atmosphere. The enormous ficus or philodendron reaching the ceiling are too much.


A painting, a photo, a sculpture or any other work of art which you fancy and gives you joy always has a place in your home. Even if you are the only ones, which value it, show your favourite piece of art so that you can see it often. The walls don’t simply serve as a background, matching the colour scheme of your furniture – use them to their full potential.

A Childhood Memory

You might have not inherited the porcelain ballerina from your grandma’s sideboard which you wanted to play with so much when you were a child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something similar. Something that wakes the same kind of warm and dear memories. Get a vintage accessory and find its proper place.

Cosy Textile

The comfort is a key factor when assuring the attractive vibe of a home, while the abundance of warm and cosy textile around – upholstery, pillows, blankets – gives you exactly that.


No matter whether they are aromatic and hanging on an exotic stand, or plain white in a classic chandelier on the dining table, they add just another layer of comfort to your dwelling. Their candid flames contribute to the pleasant atmosphere in its unique way.


No matter whether you will arrange your favourite novels or book collections, which you plan to get to know from now onwards, make sure there’s plenty of books in your home. They will not only reveal yet another important trait of your personality, but they also bring colour, texture and depth in your interior.

Personal Photos

Your personal photos in a frame or the faces of your loved ones are a simple and quite spontaneous detail, which momentarily tells who owns the space around. Increase the number of family photographs, hang them on the walls or find a proper place for them in a nice frame on your desk or on a bookshelf.

Layering Light

Due to the different light sources and the different angles the light comes from, your living place will literally shine and turn into a gleeful home. If the ceiling’s shade seems too banal for you, turn on an additional bedside or an appliqué lamp in an appropriate spot.

Calm Spot

Each home, from the large and beauteous cottage to the city apartment has to have a defined spot – a room or a corner, which emits calmness and freshness and gives you an opportunity to escape from the daily stress, even for a short time. Arrange a cosy reading corner where the mess is down to a minimum, the colours are neutral and the furniture is comfortable.

Keep it Neat

Needless to say, a dirty home won’t be as comforting, no matter how many of the above features you’ve implemented. Make sure to sweep away the dust regularly, and don’t forget to clean the dirtiest items in your house more often than not. This list, by all means, includes the precious cooker, too.

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