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The Best 5 Ways to Literally Kill Your Cooker

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One of the sturdiest appliances in your kitchen is your oven. However, the bad news is, when it breaks down, and that happens even though not that often, you will have no choice but splash out on an expensive repair.

Do you want to get into such a crisis especially around the Christmas holidays? Yes, we at Oven Clean Team thought so, too. Our cleaning professionals typically say that the different oven brands sold on our London market are quite durable and dependable. Now that doesn’t mean they will remain such after ten years of continuous usage without being tend to. What you can do is follow the tips that we give you, thus keeping your cooker in a top condition throughout the whole year.

Limit Your Oven’s Self-Cleaning Feature

Even though its intent serves a great value to the customer, the self-cleaning feature isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. It can seriously damage your cooker, especially if used chaotically every single time. Here at Oven Clean Team we tend to advice our customers to clean up the dirty stuff on the spot or use plastic easy-to-clean replaceable oven mats to collect the spills, rather than rely every time on the self-cleaning function.

How does the self-cleaning work? Basically, it heats the oven to very high temperatures (sometimes about 800 F) thus vaporising all the food leftovers and greasy stains into dust. Problem is, these high heats can also cause breaking down of the oven elements. You’d better avoid it during hot summer days or around holidays.

Avoid Moisture Building up on the Oven Door Glass

If moisture is building up on the cooker window, this could as easily point towards a flawed rubber insulator. The so-called gasket is there to protect your oven from chamber from losing its temperature and maintain it while cooking. If problems arise, don’t hesitate to replace it as soon as possible. If you’ve decided to clean it yourself, check out this video, that explains how to do it without doing any damage to the fragile rubber gasket.

Don’t Spray the Switches

All these electronic components are also attached to the electric exits of the oven. Bombarding them with water or cleaning fluids is not the smartest choice. You can try wiping them with a dampened cloth, but make sure electricity is off and you dry them well afterwards.

Your Oven is not a Heater

The stove’s primary function is to cook food, not to heat your home. Therefore, if you use it for this purpose, you’d better stop since it will lead to its death, sooner or later. The problem is that the heat that the oven creates won’t circulate well around your place. God forbid you use a gas oven for the purpose – the amounts of CO in the air might raise to a life-threatening amount.

Don’t Use Aluminium Foil or Use it Wisely

Wrapping your oven chamber with aluminium foil won’t help you catch the dirt, but instead, it will contribute to building up new one. Depending on your cooker’s insulation, the aluminium foil can melt if lined on the bottom of the chamber. In case you want to use aluminium foil with the oven, do it for the actual cooking of the meal. If you want it to remain soft and moisturised, cover the meal with aluminium foil, so that the steams and the isolated heat can do their job.

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