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The 9 Best Ways to Utilise Quick Oven and Home Cleaning

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Source: Wikipedia Commons; Attribution: CC SA

Do you usually spend a whole weekend to clean your apartment, kitchen and oven? I invite you to join the club of smart housewives, that spend no more than ten minutes a day on cleaning.

The new times dictate the new rules. In order to clean every spot at your home, you have to change your mindset and use new methods to keep it neat. Have you every thought about why do you spend so much time in cleaning? Rethink the way you act every day – then you can considerably lower the time and effort, spent on cleaning your home, if you follow some rules.


1. One of the most difficult tasks in your home – oven cleaning


Normally, a dirty oven will take you at least two or three hours to polish it off to a shine. And it will really depend on whether you took the best detergent for the purpose. In order to decrease the time that you spend on scrubbing the nasty food leftovers and carbon residue, you can take some precautions. Buying an oven matt that keeps the inside surface away from accidental food spillages and bubbling sauce can be of great help later on. What’s more, you can always call a professional to do this job and save yourselves the trouble. Cooking, using aluminium tin foil to cover the dish can also help you prevent most of the splatters. Yet, arguably the best way to keep your oven in a pristine condition is making sure you give it a sweep once a week, so that the grease doesn’t build up.


2. Start throwing out the clutter


If you happen to be one of those people, who don’t throw away anything, even if it’s hopelessly old, lost its value or completely worthless, start a new chapter: you should get rid of those items, which you never used during the past year. This rule is valid for clothes, appliances and so on.


3. Don’t save money on the back of comfort


Everyone has their own maximum expenditure limits, but don’t forget, that when you pay for a multifunctional vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher, you actually “buy” free time – you can agree that it’s simply an excellent purchase, that will save you a lot of effort.


4. Choose materials, that don’t require special care


You probably have a whole bunch of clothes that easily crease and wait for you to iron them, or they are made of a fine cloth and you should always dry clean them. It turns out that all those things are a large hidden obstacle in your life. Next time you buy new clothes, first look at the label and check the material it’s made of. This rule applies to everything that surrounds you – not just clothes, but furniture, wallpapers, floor tiles and so on. When it comes to buy something new, your main priorities should be the easy maintenance and cleaning.


5. Create a plan


checklist image

Design yourselves the checklist that will suite you and you will keep to it.


In order to not waste your weekend to clean the whole home, I offer you here an action plan, divided into a few main pillars, with which you will clean the apartment for around 5-10 minutes a day during the week. Divide your tasks for each day – for example, on Monday wipe the dust, on Tuesday wash the toilet, on Wednesday separate some time for the oven cleaning and this way do something every day – don’t let all the work pile up for the weekend.


6. Use boxes


In order to fully use all existing shelves, rafts, drawers, without worrying that when you open the drawer all hell will break loose, use boxes. That way even your shelves will be in order, because the clutter won’t be visible. If you don’t want to give money for boxes, you can easily make them yourselves. Just take the proper size of a box and decorate it with colourful paper, or something you’d like.


7. All under your fingertips


Organise everything in such a fashion, that when you need something it;s easy to find. If it’s hard to reach the vacuum cleaner, your carpet will hardly be clean during the whole time.


8. Don’t distract yourselves!


I know that cleaning is not amongst your favourite activities, but when you do it after all, concentrate on it. Because, if you start dreaming about something while doing your chores, it will be no surprise that you put the cutting board in the dishwasher, instead of the sink, was the bathroom mirror with the toothbrush or, together with the yesterday’s newspaper throw out a very important document. That way you will only create yourselves more trouble and that will take you more time.


9. Replace old with new


Accept the fact that some things, such as the doormat, the baking form, etc, can never be absolutely clean. And that’s just normal! Feel free to use them until the end, whereas, after that, replace them with new ones with no regrets.


10. Don’t be a slave to the people’s opinion


If cleaning your bathroom every day seems maniacal to you, but you do it anyway, only because your best friend does and you are afraid that she says you are a bad housewife, just stop doing it and let it go. Your bathroom will be clean enough even if you wash it just once a week. The most important part is that you feel satisfied and happy. After all, there are much more pleasant and useful things, you could do with your time.

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