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The 10 Biggest Spring Cleaning Benefits

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a clean kitchen

A clean home will surely bring you the necessary comfort.

Spring cleaning of our homes is obvious – with or without such a big effort from our side. Yet, the more we postpone it in time, hoping someone else to do it (unfortunately, it rarely happens, except if we pay a specialised company), there comes a moment, when we face the need to take the rag and clean our house. In fact, spring cleaning our home is a part of those rituals, that prepare us for the reborn life during spring.

They invite us to throw away the winter heavy load on our chest, as well as the depressions, if any. That’s why we better look at the big cleaning as an opportunity to begin with squared accounts – both figuratively and literally. Instead of moaning, we can actually turn the whole activity in something fun. So to say – it’s a matter of viewpoint. Here are some more advantages to clean your home:


Wiping the dust and stains will make you healthier



They are the cause for most of the diseases, allergies, stuffed up nose and, basically, discomfort.


Cleaner windows – more smiles


When you clean your windows at home, you will let the sunshine inside and you will cast away the winter depression, the reason for which, as specialists say, is namely the lack of light.


You will get your wardrobe in order


Stacked clothes will be much more easy to find.


That will bring you several positives:


  • You’ll be ready for the long-waited warming;
  • You will order your clothes and it will be easier to pick an attire in the morning;
  • You will get rid of what you don’t wear any more. Don’t be squeamish about it. If you didn’t wear that pullover last spring not even a single time, then it’s high time to free your wardrobe of its presence;

Be decisive! No, no, don’t get it back with the “just-in-case” idea. You won’t have the case.


Come up with a list what you need to prep your spring wardrobe with. For example, a red t-shirt or a blue sweater will perfectly match with those pants or skirt. So, when you go out shopping, you can easily find what you are looking for.


It is a real fitness deal


Climb on the chair, climb off it, now catch the rag, stretch to get the small smudge right there above you, come on, a bit more! Well done, you did great, now let’s go to…the bathroom.


That sounds just as a recorded CD of a fitness instructor, with their stimulating voice. Actually, that is your inner voice, that makes you do a little bit more from the annoying household chores, which, as it turns out, also happen to be a wonderful fitness exercise with complex physical resonance over the whole body.


You will find long gone items


While you perform the deep cleaning, you can find long lost stuff, which you thought was hopelessly lost. Yeah, that’s where that earring was, which you were looking for for days. That’s a reason to be happy, it’s not lost. It’s been here, the whole time – behind the couch. Apart from everything else, you saved the money, which you were going to invest in another pair of earrings.


The whole house will change


Now is the time to move around the furniture or change the interior accessories. Replace the blankets with lighter rugs, bring up the brightly-colourful vases, bowls or other accessories. Your home will be different, ready for the new season.


You can listen to your favourite energetic songs



Play on!

Make a list of your favourite songs and play them while cleaning. This way you will be both toned when doing the housework, and you will hear again the songs you fancy. Why not dance a bit, too?


Some people use cleaning to study a foreign language. While you wash the windows, play the CD, which you bought to study French in the car, but you never found time to do it. Even if you learn ten words – that’s a big improvement, right?


You’ll finally clean that terrace


Clean the terrace from the unnecessary items and you can drink your coffee there or just enjoy the fresh air. You just need a comfortable chair – nothing else. If you invest in more time and money, you can turn your terrace in a little oasis – flower pots, chairs and a table.. ah, the times that are about to come!


Cleaning as a therapy


Cleaning makes you calmer.

Cleaning makes you calmer.

Some specialists recommend that, when we are very angry at something, we can lose the steam by cleaning. They claim that, if you point your whole anger towards that dry stain on the bathroom tiles, finally, after cleaning it, you will release the tension. There’s nothing wrong to try. If it doesn’t help, at least you did something useful.
Please, don’t be selfish. Do not take advantage of spring cleaning by yourselves. Share this pleasure with the rest of your family. Oh, and another thing, if you find more advantages of the spring cleaning, share them with us. Another incentive is never too much, so to say.

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