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On the Hunt for the Most Amazing Restaurants in London

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chinatown London

Source: Flickr; Author: Aurelien Guichard; License: CC SA

London is one of the few cities, in which you can try the cuisines of all nations around the world: from the traditional English one, throughout Indian, Chinese, Italian, to modern European cuisine. Here, usually the neighbourhood and the population in it define the kind of restaurants you will find out. The only thing you need to do is, decide what kind of meals you’d like to grab and head to the corresponding area. Here are some of the best restaurants you can find in London.


The flavours of the world

In the London neighbourhood of East End you can try the traditional Bangladesh cuisine – the biggest concentration of venues to eat is in the area of Brick Lane. The Chinese restaurants, of course, you can find in the Chinatown near Leicester Square. Brixton will offer you a large number of African restaurants, as well as diners with Caribbean specialities. You can find Turkish places to eat in Finsbury Park, whereas on Kingsland Road, there’s a rich diversity of Vietnamese restaurants, offering soups and sandwiches.


The restaurants in Central London and West End



Galvin at Windows is a first-class restaurants, situated on top of Hotel Hilton. It offers wonderful French cuisine, which can definitely compare only with the extraordinary view towards Hyde Park and the nearby buildings from the windows of the venue. The place is a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth to visit, especially if you like food that can only be defined as a form of art.


Wolseley is a touch more regular restaurant, which has an art deco style, that offers great food for breakfast, as well as for lunch and dinner.


One of the most interesting restaurants in the centre of London is built in a crypt. Café in the Crypt, located on Trafalgar Square, is a self-service venue that offers English specialities. In the morning, here you can have a traditional English breakfast, whereas listen to live jazz performances in the evenings.


Indian Curry Everywhere


You already know that in London there’s plenty of international restaurants, but the Indian food can literally be found under every stone. In each London neighbourhood there’s at least several good South Asian eateries. The first-class Indian Restaurants Moti Mahal and Amaya offer thrilling interpretations of classic Indian recipes, served with style, whereas in Shalamar you can have quality vegetarian specials and the famous kebab in a far simpler environment.


Enjoy a fine beer, while having a bite



There’s a lot of so-called “gastropubs” in London. These are amongst the greatest places from the type Bar & Grill and Harwood Arms happens to be one of them. The beer here is good, but the food is simply gorgeous. The local ingredients and the unique dishes are surely not to miss, even if you are not a big fan of beer.


Fulham’s Malt House is another similar venue, offering surprisingly good food and quality beer.


A piece of English classic



The culinary admirers usually don’t spare their negativism on English food, but they are not always right. You will make sure of that, if you visit one of the best British restaurants.

Tramshed is a untraditional restaurant, focused mainly on local specials from cattle that was bred free, while Rochelle Canteen serves traditional local specials, using the best seasonal ingredients.

Rules, which defines itself as the oldest restaurant in London, opened in 18 C, offers classic British cuisine, including wildfowl, oysters, pies, sausages and puddings.

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