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Natural Alternatives to Chase Bad Smells at Home

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Nowadays with the multiple cases of allergy and sensitivity to strong scents, the usage of the latest commercial air-freshener in the rooms we spend the better part of our day might not be the brightest idea. Smell from unclean ovens in the kitchen or cigarette odours can be frustrating. The good news is, you can freshen and deodorise the air in many different natural ways, which are completely harmless for yours and your family’s health and for the environment cleanliness.

While on the market you will find a lot of products, filled with a number of chemical compounds, we offer you several natural alternatives, which are ecological, completely safe for your respiratory system health and, in any case, they are more economical and wallet friendly. Freshen the air with items you have under your fingertips. The natural ingredients clean and refresh your appliances – cookers, fridges, microwaves, or carpets, floors and practically, any surface at home, with the same efficiency as the commercial products. However, the difference is that they are completely harmless and healthy.

The Dangers That Lie Hidden in the Commercial Air Fresheners

Unfortunately, the fresheners which are advertised to have capabilities to improve the air quality, to a large extend do exactly the opposite – they worsen it. The commercial compounds contain four basic ingredients: formaldehyde (it can cause a number of indispositions, such as oozing, nose and throat allergies, breathing difficulties, nausea), oil distillates (breathing problems, lung disease, asthma), aerosols (increase in the risk of cancer, breathing problems and other chronicle diseases), paradichlorobenzenes (anemia, loss of appetite, liver disease, blood changes) and other harmful scents.

You can easily prevent any after-cooking smells by cleaning your stove more often than not. That way the burned stains and charcoal deposits won’t be able to leave their mark on the air quality in the kitchen after cleaning. Scrubbing your cooker often, albeit a nagging chore, can save you a lot of worries and eliminate at least one of the potential sources that spoil the air.

Let’s see a part of the large variety of natural fresheners, which you can use without any worries or restrictions.

White Vinegar

For years, the vinegar was a well-known and effective method to neutralise smells or it’s used for cleaning – from pet urine, through fresh paint and different cooking smells. However, do not use apple or wine vinegar, since they can leave stains. Prepare an ideal natural air freshener by mixing a teaspoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of soda and a litre of water. This spray will chase away the cigarette smoke, the strong perfumes and the cooking smell.

Several small bowls, filled with white vinegar, strategically placed around your house, can help you set yourself free from the shackles of unpleasant smoke smells. The vinegar eliminates the cigarette smoke from the furniture, too.

Coffee Grounds

You can place freshly ground coffee beans or coffee grounds in the cleaned fridge, so that it will absorb the smells. If there are some stubborn smells in one of your rooms, open a jar with ground coffee and, if possible, close the doors and the windows for a day or two. Another great idea is coffee, closed in a paper bag and placed on top of the spot that needs deodorising.


Pick an appropriate jar and pierce the lid. Fill half of the jar with soda and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Place the jar where you need to freshen the air and shake it from time to time. Apart from being able to refresh the domestic atmosphere, baking soda can be used as an every day cleaning material, instead of chemical detergents. Mind that it’s not as strong as them, so, resort to professional cleaners with ozone-friendly solutions, when the stains become impossible to deal with, but we advise you never to use store-bought chemicals.

Essential Oils

There’s an abundance of essential oils with different flavours. An ever-growing number of people make their own air-purifying spray from essential oils, since we already know a lot more for their benefits. The home-made essential oil spray is completely organic and non-toxic. You can alone combine and diversity the scents, so that you create your favourite one.

Lavender scent is fitting for the bedroom, since it helps for better sleep. Other light aromas, that help for a good rest are camomile, valerian, rose, lemon grass and sandalwood. Place several drops of lavender essential oil on a piece of cotton and leave it on a small plate at a place away from the eyesight. A single drop of the oil is enough to scent the room for several days. Place a cotton piece with essential oil inside the toilet paper roll or behind the toilet itself. You can also put a soaked cotton with lavender, camomile or garden tea oil in your pillow case. Use a stronger scent for the kitchen or the bathroom – basil, lime, lemon, mint. Add one after cleaning your oven for greater effect.

With the usage of such natural products, you can make our planet a better place to live. Apart from an economical, healthy and natural, your choice will be socially and ecologically responsible – the choice of the contemporary intelligent person.

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