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How to Save Time During Cooking (For Beginners)

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Want to save time slicing the veggies? Do it in advance!

Want to stop wasting terribly long hours in cooking completely simple meals? Dicing and slicing are not something you fancy? Let’s check out how to save time during cooking and optimize your time in the kitchen like a pro.

The freezer – a comfortable way to store fresh products and herbs

Nowadays the freezer is an irreplaceable means of preservation different food products, especially when we lack time to prepare our winter supplies or we just love using fresh herbs. It is easy to freeze peas, aubergines, peppers, carrots, parsley, allspice, basil and many other spices, which we can later on add to our culinary works.

If we manage to separate several hours, to dice the vegetables and the herbs we mostly use during cooking, we will save precious time after that when we actually prepare the meals.

Using jars with thick glass and a plastic cap is quite comfortable to freeze products. This way you won’t be using the arguably harmful to the environment plastic bags.

Monthly Menu

Did you know that conjuring up a monthly menu, or at least a product list for cooking is a great way to deal with the eternal question “What to cook today?”. Planning what you will put on the table for the whole month is a great way to plan your budget accordingly, since you will need it to buy the necessary products. Apart from that, it will save you the unpleasant situation in which you decide to cook something and in the very last moment it turns out you lack the core ingredients to make it.

In order for a menu to be liked by everyone, you can speak with your significant other and your kids and together come up with a monthly menu, accustomed to everyone’s taste.

Be moderate when using meat products, too much meat as well as too much avoiding it can be detrimental for your organism.

It’s good to create a small list of foods that are easy and quick to prepare and are especially appropriate for the days when you go home from work a little bit later.

Here are some ideas for quick and easy meals:

Eggs – stirred, poached, boiled. apart from being done in minutes, they contain many nutrients;

Breaded cheese

Fish – grilled, fried, breaded, roasted. It’s particularly quick to cook and, nevertheless, it should be present in your menu at least three to four times per month.

Cooking in a pot – it’s a very easy method and such dishes contain almost everything that’s left in your fridge (most of the times – salami, cheese, tomato juice, cucumbers, eggs and, basically, whatever comes to your mind and you like it).

Meatballs – fast to cook, especially if you bought them already flavoured.

Although not every time the most delicious meals are the healthiest, too, never forget that stress harms you much more, rather than the fact that a few times per month you broke the rules of healthy eating when you ate something quick and caloric.

Oven Clean Team always advices against cooking in a unclean oven. Food particles, burnt-on stains and nasty carbon deposits cause mixing up of flavours and are a reason for lowered appliance efficiency. Meaning – you won’t be able to cook faster, since your oven will take much longer to heat. What’s more, the meal’s indigenous flavours will change and the end result won’t be as tasty as it could be. Bottom line is, have a good deep clean of your cooker every now and then – two times per year can guarantee a longer life of your appliance.


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