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How To Irritate Your Better Half In the Kitchen

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cooking with wife

Women have ruled over the kitchen since the dawn of mankind. We have reached a stage though, in which the culinary clash between the sexes has evened. More and more men decide to surprise their better halves with a meal of their own. However, a good number of ladies still can’t get used to the thought of men who mess around, although it will free them from one of the everyday household chores.

It’s a fact that sometimes women get really annoyed with their husbands or partners interfering while they take their eyes off the preparations. Here’s a list of the most irritating misdoings that rise the blood pressure of females sky high:

Instagram It When It’s Done

Well, that is a great way to annoy the majority of Earth’s population. Those social networks addicts aren’t just among men. Nowadays we announce even the most trivial things like the facts that you went shopping or you managed to read three chapters of some book. Imagine how many people will actually sympathise with you?! Anyway, it kind of seems like excessive bragging and it’s a prerequisite for a unnecessary argument.

Put Ingredients Secretly

When you think you are right, you are just right. Some folks stand by this principle and will even interfere into what is seemingly a well-done stew by sprinkling it with an extra pinch of basil. You should look around first though to see if the big pans are already in use because otherwise you might get a sudden blow out of nowhere. Kitchenware can be perfectly used in a close combat, especially if you happen to have a special set of them.

Offer Her Cooking Advice When It’s Not Needed

This perfectly connects with the previous point for being right. It’s just an advice and it won’t hurt much if she listens to it. Maybe you’ve found by chance the super useful video of How To Cut Tomatoes like a Ninja, while you’ve been watching fast eating competitions.

The problem is that if you keep being persistent and shoot her with opinions you will certainly get on her nerves. It’s like role reversals and how a similar situation happens in the car.

Leave Her To Do The Dishes

Come on guys, wake up your deeply sleeping gentleman’s side. It is in fact much more boring that actual eating, but every once in a while you can replace her and be the knight in shining armour. Or save some money and get yourselves a dishwasher.

However, that will certainly eliminate one source of germs inside your kitchen – the scary sponge. It is in fact believed that it’s 200 000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

Make a Huge Mess While You Cook

Sometimes you can’t help it. If you are alone and you have plenty of time to clean the havoc that the kitchen has turned into, then there’s no problem. Imagine the following situation though – you have just put your tasty ravioli in the oven, a smile runs on your face when your beloved see the surprise you made…

Behold for there is a huge pile of bowls, cutting boards and knives which only God knows why they happen to be in the sink. Not to mention the splatters on the rafts, the floor or inside the drawers. Some foods will make the after cleaning a living hell. I’ve shared some tips on how to avoid the mess they make in the kitchen while cooking.


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