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How To Eat Healthy Outside Of Home

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healthy lunch ideas

You have no time to eat during the workday? After a few hours of brain work you have the uncontrollable desire to crash down on your desk? Meet a few easy ways for a healthy, energy-fulfilling act of eating.

Drink More Water

The body of the average adult loses 50 to 100 ml of liquids per hour, which means an eight-hour-long sleep can lead to a deficit. Even if you do not feel thirsty after you wake up, the organism compensates this shortage during the day. This is why you should drink a glass of water every hour.

Consume Less Empty Calories

Empty calories can be found in food, which delivers too much energy, but no nutrients like vitamins or minerals. The best example here is sugar. It contains just pure energy. Similar foods are sweets, white bread, most of the ready-made and all of the fast food. They contain a lot of calories and nothing else.

During higher mental strain and little physical activity the organism needs mostly amino-acids, unsaturated fat, vitamins, minerals and cellulose. They are concentrated mainly in the natural foods and less in the processed ones, for example in the fresh veggies and fruits, diary and fish.

Eat Colourful Food

For the people, who hardly consume the recommended five daily portions of fruits and veggies, it will be easier, if they combine three colours on each meal. The food will look prettier, more colourful and richer which will simultaneously make the act of eating healthier.

First Meal Of The Day Is Always Breakfast

Do you belong to the people who do not have a breakfast? You are not hungry or you have no time? You don’t need to take a large portion early in the morning. A small breakfast on the way or in the office is completely enough. This will allow you to avoid hunger before lunchtime and eating unhealthy foods.

Avoid Being Hungry At Lunchtime

Breakfast helps greatly for this issue. That way you will not eat too much during lunchtime, which is an focal reason why you are tired in the afternoon. Eat as much as you need, to satiate your hunger. What else wears us down? Primarily, it is the combination of carbohydrates and fats, that is to say, the typical steak with French fries and pudding. Try to avoid potatoes, pasta or bread at lunchtime, especially if you are in the office and you do not practice any physical activity around these hours. Instead, add more protein and veggies, for example, a duck fillet salad, fish with vegetables or a steak with salad, with no fries. At the end the espresso will get you ready to push through the afternoon hours.

Eating Along The Way

Even when you are on the road, you can eat healthy. Of course, this is a much bigger challenge, than the case with home-made lunch. The most important advice here is the following: take a bottle of water, fruits and nuts with you. Avoid stopping for food. Combine the “unhealthy” with something “healthy”. If you buy a sausage or a hamburger, take a side salad, a fruit or a yoghurt afterwards. At almost each gas station you can buy a fresh juice carton. It’s better not to eat too much while on the road, but at least once a day eat something healthy.

The Easiest Digestible Food Is The Best

This is eating 101. Food, which is the most easy to digest is the best for you – that explains why well-cooked food is preferred over the raw one, the hot before the cold, fresh before stale. The reason to drink warm water together with the meal, to stay on the table a little while after you have finished eating, or drink milk separately from the rest of the food, is just to help the digestive system to get into working rhythm.

It Is All In The Balance

Another important principle is moderateness. You should eat balanced amounts of food in regular hours – the ideal portion is two full scoops. Take this amount during first serve and only after you feel hungry afterwards, go for extra.

It is recommended to leave a third or a fourth of your stomach empty at the end of the meal, because the digestive tract works more efficiently with smaller food quantities, whereas the body finds much easier to control its weight automatically. Don’t be afraid that you will remain hungry after leaving the table. To be satiated doesn’t mean to overeat. If you leave a little bit of empty space in your stomach, you will feel light, lively, energetic, fresh and ready for work.

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