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How to deal with obnoxious smells at home?

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There are many useful and practical ways to clean your kitchen or bathroom quickly, easy and effectively. These rooms are one of the most problematic at home as well. The problem is, even if visually the place looks neat, separate parts there can smell really bad. There are a few ways to deal with the obnoxious smells:

Perfume The Whole House

Let’s begin with a trick, very well familiar to the real estate agents. If you smell something out of the ordinary in the atmosphere at home, try the following: pour two caps of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, put all of that inside the oven and leave it there for around one hour at a temperature of 150 C. In 20 minutes, your house will smell like heaven. Just in case you don’t consider vanilla flavour a “heavenly” one, open wide the windows.

The Fridge

In order for the fridge to always smell pleasantly, do the following: take a jar and pierce a multitude of small holes in the cap (so that the closed jar resembles a big salt shaker). Fill ¾ of the jar with baking soda. The soda itself will be more than enough, but in order to obtain a better effect throw in some lavender buds inside. Close the jar with the pierced cap and leave it in the fridge.

The Freezer

If there is a bad smell when you open it, leave inside a clean sock, filled with a dry coffee grounds.

The Garbage Bin

An easy way, which will allow you to control the smell in this particularly obnoxious area is a cat litter. Sip a small amount of the cat litter every day on the bottom of the garbage bin and replace it every week. This product absorbs liquids and smells, which makes it perfect for the purpose.

Yet, you will still need to clean thoroughly the garbage bin from time to time. When this moment comes, use preferably vinegar and bleach solution.

The Washing Machine

The washing machine’s task is to give back our clothes clean and fragrant, but sometimes this helpful appliance can get dirty and smelly as well. In order to prevent the problem, do the following once a month: pour two cups of vinegar (white one works best) in the washing machine drum and half a teaspoon of baking soda in the compartment where you usually put the detergent. Turn on the machine to make a full empty washing cycle at the highest possible temperature. After that clean well the cluttered dirt on the rubber band around the door.

The Pet

If your pet smells bad, that could probably be connected with some kind of a health issue – yeast infection for that matter. Take the animal to a vet, so that you can find the proper treatment. Another piece of advice, which I can give you, is bathing the pet with a natural shampoo, which you mixed with one tea cup of apple vinegar. That way the fur will smell better.

Don’t use air fresheners to cover the scent of your pet at home. Instead, you can do the following: sprinkle the carpets, the furniture and the pet’s bed with baking soda. After a few hours of sucking out the bad smell, vacuum clean it.

The Drawers

If you don’t like the inside scent of a drawer, you can again use the same old baking soda trick. Leave it for a few hours to absorb all bad smells, and then clear it out with the vacuum cleaner or a brush.

The Wardrobe

If you want your clothes to smell pleasantly, keep a soap of your favourite scent in the wardrobe.

The Bathroom

In order for that room to smell the best possible, soak pieces of cotton with your favourite fragrant oil and place them in a pretty box. If you want to mask the smell, after you visited the toilet, light up a matchstick – that is an old, tested trick.

When You Cook Smelly Foods

When you cook fish or cabbage, there is a good chance that the scent will soak into the kitchen completely. In order to absorb it, place a small bowl of vinegar on the oven.

Burnt Smell

If a part of the meal spills over the hob, sprinkle the mischief with some salt – this will absorb the burnt smell and will help you immensely in the oven cleaning afterwards.


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