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How to Best Combine The Foods in Our Daily Menu

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a man getting ready to eat a healthy breakfast

Bread and olives won’t help you to lose weight. Yet, that combination is one healthy beginning of your eating regime. The secret of the rational eating is hidden in the skill to combine the food products well. What you eat is not the only thing that’s important.

On a separate note, having proper eating habits stretches even outside the right combos between foods. Another important thing is to make sure you’ve got a clean environment when it comes to cooking at home. Some tasks, such as oven cleaning, might seem too difficult, but a spotless cooker will pay off in the long term.

In order for your organism to optimally use the nutrients, you will need proper food combinations. In the opposite scenario, you just fill your stomach and you satiate your hunger. Almost all bio products need catalyst in the stomach to fulfil their duty. If they stumble upon a company of inappropriate “acquaintances”, they can even become unhealthy.

This week’s Oven Clean Team’s blog post embarks on the journey to mix and match the proper daily menu.

Yoghurt & Milk


Spinach with yoghurt is not a novelty. It’s not only served to improve the taste qualities. The stomach itself looks for the combination. The spinach contains oxalic acid. It blocks the dilution and processing of iron and calcium in your organism. The proteins in the yoghurt, however, neutralise the acid.

That’s why adding yoghurt shouldn’t be just a culinary tradition, but a necessary condition for a nutritional meal. Those of you that don’t quite fancy the offered food pairing, can outsmart the spinach with a glass of orange juice. The large amounts of vitamin C in it acts as a turbo catalyst and raises three times your body’s ability to process the iron.

The flour-made foods and other cereals also hide secrets. The trouble here is the phytic acid. When baking bread, the yeast or the soda neutralises it. The milk with the cereal also stops the harmful acidic effects.

When It Comes to Food Combos, It’s That Simple

Milk with all kinds of cereals helps for the optimal processing of the zinc. That’s why cereals and oatmeal go best with milk, whereas bread with cheese. Yeast also enriches the proteins in the wheat flour. A slice of fresh bread and several olives are a well-balanced meal.

It might seem ridiculous to you, but that’s exactly how you provide your body all that it needs. It gets healthy fats and carbohydrates from the olives, while the bread gives vitamins and proteins.

Beans with Corn


The favourite combination of the Mexicans is beans with corn. They found the dependence between the different kinds of proteins. Without them the organism can’t build new cells. With their help, your body is capable of regenerating the old cells, of building hormones and enzymes. The organism needs proteins from both animal and plant origin.

Both kinds bring a different value for the organism. The animal proteins are more beneficial – the once that we intake together with meat, eggs, fish and milk. However, they contain considerably larger amounts of fats and cholesterol than the ones that come from plants, such as potatoes, nuts, legumes and cereals. When both sources combine the most optimal way, the body gets the best out of both.

That’s why Mexicans eat corn bread together with beans. You can combine potatoes, soy or beans with eggs, or potatoes with milk. Oven bake them in a clean cooker, or toss them in a salad, they go with each other perfectly. The right combinations of certain foods saves unpleasant surprises. Here are some good matches and some that are best left out:

Iron and Vitamin C

Subproducts, oatmeal, legumes and meat are rich in iron. Serve them together with orange juice, fresh fruits, green salad, vegetables (such as broccoli or pepper) and milk.

Zinc and Milk

Seashells, oatmeal, whole-grained bread and cheese are rich in zinc. Serve milk products or beans together with them.

Calcium and Vitamin D

The oily fish, avocado and mushrooms contain calcium. So, preheat a clean oven, roast a hefty oily fish with mushrooms and make some guacamole with corn bread.  In order to help the organism process it, enjoy a short walk outside after eating. The sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D.

Iron and Tannin

The coffee and the black tea contain large amounts of tannin. It makes difficult the intake and processing of iron. It’s best to avoid them after eating meals rich in iron.

Calcium and Phosphorus

The cola and the melted cheese contain phosphorus. Don’t combine them with diary, because they will trouble the calcium extraction.

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