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Dry Air – Buy A Humidifier

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Your throat is dry, your lips are chapped, you cough, your skin is red and itchy… no you did not catch a new kind of virus. The reason for all this can be the dry air in your home.

Usually people pay more attention to the problem with high humidity at home and the fight with the mould and fungi later on. But we must know, that the dry air is not any better, either. The heating devices are the main cause for its appearance.

Probably you ask how to see if this is your problem? In order to be sure, that the humidity at home is in the norm, it’s best to buy a special measuring device. In order to feel comfortable, it has to be between 40 to 60 percent.

If you already know even physically, and because of the device, that your home air is dry, let’s move on to the ideas how to change that. Some of the most widespread ones are for example, drying your clothes in the designated room, but it only has a temporary effect. Plus, a lot of people resent the detergent or softener smell while they are asleep.

Placing utensils with water over the heaters can be used only on some devices, while on others this method is inapplicable, for example – a fan heater. On top of that, you have to keep track of the water quantity. Winter airing does not increase humidity, but oxygen. Plants can also help, but they do not have the power to match the big “air dryers” – the heater appliances.


If you already tried a couple of the upper options, you probably say to yourselves it is better to buy a humidifier. Yes, but what kind? They sell a great variety of appliances – different brands and kinds.

There are a few things which you need to bear in mind, when you choose a humidifier:

1. Before you go to the store, measure the room, in which you will use the humidifier. It is written on every appliance what room size it will fit in.

2. Types:

– steam – their principle is clear from the top – the water heats until boiling and the steam humidifies the air. You have to be careful if you want such a device in the children room, because they get hot while working and kids can get burned. In this case, it is better to place it in a unreachable spot.

– ultrasound – with them ultrasound vibrations vaporise water in the form of soft mist. The cold method here puts burns out of the question.

3. What else to bear in mind?

Since this appliance will probably be in your bedroom, it is good to check the noise level. Some people do not have problems, but for others the slightest noise turns into a nightmarish irritant, making it impossible for them to sleep.

Low water timer. By using sound or light indication, the device reminds you to pour water or actually turns off. This way you don’t have to keep track of the water quantity all the time.

Another advantage is if the humidifier has an built-in device to measure the humidity, in order to turn off itself, when it reaches the normal percentages. What’s more, there are models with display, on which you can set the desired value, which the appliance will maintain.

Some manufacturers offer the option for a mild light, so that the device works as a bedside lamp, too.

Other brands have the possibility to place essential oils, so that you will freshen the room. Another application of essential oils is when your kid is sick and has a cough – some oils have the ability to soothe the symptoms.

Some models have a specified time during which the appliance can work autonomously, i.e. without your intervention.

In order to keep the humidifier in good shape you will have to clean it often, as well as use it right, as specified in the manual use.


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  1. Lois Grey says:

    All this thing you told us to bear in is really some important option to consider. I knew if I try to be smart I will be fooled. So, I tried your formula and after that, I bought the best humidifier in the market. All thanks to you.

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