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Common Kitchen Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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People who cook often are quite familiar with this topic – the kitchen can be a place that offers you a long range of ways to hurt yourself. It’s no joke when it comes to hot burns from boiling water or utensils, getting electrocuted by a faulty appliance or cutting yourself with a knife.

In case something bad happens, the most important thing is to remain calm. But this guide is not going to be on how to deal with kitchen accidents once they happen. I doubt you will have time Google-ing your solution. Let’s, on the other hand, check the possibilities of kitchen accidents prevention.


1. Lingering Kitchen Spills & Splatters


You can easily deal with it by cleaning the spill right after the damage’s been done. But imagine the common situation in which the water boils over the pan and on the floor while you are too busy trying not to burn yourself when taking out a hot meal. What you can do is keep a handful of dish rags at a close range to cover the spot. That’s how you’ll mark it and clean it later once the situation’s been taken under control.

2. Skin Contact with Spicy/Hot Foods


In case you like recipes that involve a fair share of chilli peppers, ginger, cayenne or any other spicy flavour, you know how bad the situation can get when you accidentally touch your eyes after chopping up the ingredients. Not to mention if you already have cut yourself and the natural oils in the peppers burn your wound unbearably. So, you got two options – man up and just do it, or put on some rubber gloves and say goodbye to nasty burns.

3. Fire Hazards Due to Unclean Ovens


A good sign you use your oven quite often is the greasy spots, spills and food leftovers left lingering in the chamber. Actually, that’s not quite a good sign, as they are a potential fire hazard. Dirty cookers are prone to torch easier, especially if they are gas-powered. Better make sure you keep your oven in a tip-top condition and give it a good deep clean from time to time.

4. Cuts


Many kitchens from popular TV shows have their cutting boards firmly set on top of the kitchen shelf. That’s not just because of some fancy design solution – it’s actually helping people avoid any nasty cuts. Your counter top can be quite slippery by default, not to mention when you splash out water and liquids all over while cooking. As a result, a loose cutting board may slide and tilt which is not good if you are using a knife at the moment. Station your cutting board with a dampened rag and you’ll be okay.

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