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5 Ways to Become a Clean Cook

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Without any doubt, if there’s a place in your home that needs a routine cleaning procedure, that’s the kitchen. If there’s a chance, the germs lurking there will grab it and spread around every nook and cranny in your kitchen through your hands, dirty utensils, cloths and chopping boards. So, what can you do to be more careful and manage to provide a clean environment when it comes to cooking at home?

Clean as You Go

Raw foods, such as meat, eggs, fish and so on are the single most common contaminator in the kitchen. Don’t let surfaces that touched those raw foods linger around unwashed – clean them right in the moment, because you might forget and later on germs will spread out on other foods. And remember, after you touch any raw meat, wash your hands, too.

It’s best not to rinse the meat under the sink. I know it can might be gooey and slippery when taken out of the package, but, instead of spreading all its germs throughout the kitchen sink, use a damp towel to clean it.

Use warm water and antibacterial soap to wipe everything before and after cooking. Soak and wash the pots at the time of cooking – nobody enjoys doing the dishes after having a good dinner, and leaving them for the next day will give a high chance of germs to multiply by the thousands.

Chop Smart

You already know better than to leave raw meat’s microbes parade imperturbably around your kitchen. What else can you do to shut them out? The answer is simple – get a special cutting board only for raw meat. Sure, you might clean it but will it be enough? The cuts and jags on an overused and old cutting board are a hiding place for many microbes. It will take a bit of time to properly clean it and a simple rinse isn’t enough. Therefore, label a “raw meat” cutting board and be done with these germs.

Wash, Rinse, Dry

After using the cooking utensils, the dishes and the cutlery, wash them with hot water and soap. Hold the dishes over the sink and wait for the water to drain, before leaving them to dry.

Paper beats Cloth

In case you can allocate some budget for paper towels, by all means, use them instead of cloth rags. The latter ones are a natural habitat for many bacteria and, if you have no other choice, use them carefully and wash them often.

Annihilate Flu Germs

When someone at home catches a flu, very few realise that a simple wash under the sink won’t deal with the bacteria. In case you have a dishwasher, use one of its HOT cycles. They can deal with nasty cold germs easily.


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