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Bring the Autumn Comfort By Cooking & Cleaning in the Kitchen

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leaves on the ground

I’m sure that many of you feel the nostalgia for the summer days. For the sultry days, the bare feet, the bright blue skies. Maybe many of you still hear the sea waves and the birds’ songs early in the morning. I’ve travelled across the country and now, when I have to go back to gloomy London, a depressing feeling has conquered me. I left the opened space outside and entered my home, where I’ll have to clean and get everything in order again. Put back all the clothes, shoes, change the drapes. Scrub the cooker’s dirty bits and pieces, clean the racks and trays, rinse the knobs and hobs. Get it ready for some oven-cooked autumn goodies. I gradually say goodbye to the summer and it’s time to pay attention to the new season, rediscover it and enjoy it.




Yet, autumn is a wonderful season. Colourful, breezy, fruitful. If, symbolically speaking, the spring timidly shows its nose on the terrace, the summer grabs its flip-flops and bites the dust, then the autumn rests calmly in the kitchen. This is where all important matters take place. It’s lively and warmer, it smells like coffee or tea in the morning or like stews and cookies during lunch. In the evenings, the family gathers together, ready to bond with the help of the warmth, the food, and the fact that they are here together. The kitchen is the place where we can invite the autumn over for a flavoursome oven baked dish, it inspires us and replenishes our energy levels. Let’s change the kitchen in such a way, that the autumn can feel comfortable in our home and share its gifts.


Comfort is a feeling, created by all senses. It’s the feeling that everything belongs to its right place, that you, too, are in your right place. Your soul purrs like a kitten next to the fireplace and the world makes more sense, it’s better, and you like the role you’re playing in it. How can you influence all your senses, so you can feel comfortable during the autumn?


Get Rid of The Summer Dirt


First thing’s first, let’s throw out the summer dust. It builds up on the terrace, the entrance door, the windows. A nice and extensive autumn cleaning and reordering will have a positive effect on you as well. Fold the tent that threw a shadow over your head during the scorching summer days, wash the windows and invite the scant light home.


Autumn will be the season to cook plenty of meals. Don’t miss out the chance to gain the upper hand as early as possible with the baked-on grease inside the chamber. Do a thorough oven cleaning job, as you will most certainly not have time for it when all celebrations start knocking on your door.


Dress Up Your Kitchen



Now everything is clean and in order. You can decorate your kitchen with autumn-patterned accessories and completely change its outlook. Towels, tablecloths, oven mitts – the abundance of materials and textiles can influence your mood immensely. Plus, if there’s one thing that autumn is rich in, that’s colours.


Apart from its shades, we can draw strength from its fruits, too. In a couple of minutes, you can prep yourself an autumn arrangement. Pick seasonal fruits – apples, pears, grapes, plums. Shine them and arrange them beautifully in a bowl on the table. You will be surprised how fast they will be grabbed. That’s why you can gather together with your kids another set of autumn surprises during an improvised pick-nick in the park. Pine-cones, chestnuts, leafy bouquets, acorns – there are plenty of treasures waiting to be found in the city park. However, on the living room table, they will find their perfect place.


Time to Stir Up the Cooker




The comfort is not just in what you see, but what’s in the air, literally. You connect the autumn with the flavour of roast pumpkin, jams and all kinds of aromas from our childhood. Let’s remember all those. Whether you will prepare some jams, pastries or winter supplies – all autumn gifts will find its use. Let’s take the old dusty books out of the closet and give freedom to your imagination.


It’s not necessary to fulfil any of those ideas. The comfort is more like a feeling, and, as we know, there can’t be a recipe for feelings written down. The feeling you have, even though transient, gives you energy and strength for the whole long winter, which will soon knock on your door. There’s one more certain thing – the interaction with the world around us, reacting to its dynamism and change of seasons, is one of the roads that leads to happiness. Here and now.

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