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9 Reasons to Fall in Love with Lentils

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Author: J. Pincas; Source: Flickr; Attribution: CC; BY 2.0

The lentils is one of the five most healthy foods on the planet, according to a recently published ranking of Health Magazine. And that is due to a simple reason: “It has a positive influence on so many aspects of life. Lentils is good for blood circulation, for our taste buds, even to our wallets and the environment. Moreover, most recipes with lentils are extremely low in simple sugars and gluten. This makes it suitable food for people with diabetes and gluten intolerance. Here come the 9 benefits of these delicious small grains:

1. Lentils Price Is Incredibly Low

At a price lower than the price of a cup of coffee, lentils will provide almost one third of the daily requirements of protein – only 250 g lentils. Along with a whole set of other nutrients.

2. Protein Packed

The lentils contains the highest percentage of protein from all plant foods.

3. Rich In Nutrients

The lentils is a much healthier product than beans, for example. The general rule is the smaller the grains are, the more nutrients it contains per unit weight.

4. Low In Fat And Sodium

5. The Most Alkaline Source Of Protein

6 Easy To Digest And Cook

Compared with many other legumes, you can cook lentils very quickly and it is easily processed in the digestive system of a person. These are some of the main reasons that scientists explain the fact that the lentils is so widespread throughout the world.

7 Useful For The Soil And Environment

During its growth the lentils increases the amount of other essential nutrients in the soil, which are responsible for its fertility. It prefers less moisture than most crops and thus prevents soil erosion.

8 Rich In Soluble And Insoluble Fibre

A large number of studies have shown the benefits of fibre intake to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. Large amounts of fibre in the lens can be a great addition with the battle against the high levels of cholesterol. A study, investigating the diets of 16,000 men at middle age shows that regular consumption of legumes reduces the risk of death due to heart attack by up to 82%.

9. Lentils Is Extremely Delicious

Especially certain types of lentils are distinguished by a unique taste. In order to prepare it, you only have to boil it and season with salt. Other varieties are tasteless and to achieve the desired taste, more spices must be added – especially savory. In any case, if you want to cook and eat healthy and you’ve ever thought to reduce the consumption of meat, it is completely worth having frequently snacks with lentils.


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