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6 Ideas for Healthy Eating With Fruits and Vegetables at the Work Place

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You don’t have the time to eat during work? After a few hours of mental pressure you have the uncontrollable desire to sleep over your desk? Get to know a few easy ways for healthy, energising eating.

1. The tiredness is a result of little sleep, but also of insufficient liquids

The body of the average adult loses around 50 to 100 ml of liquids every hour, i.e. an 8-hour-long sleep can lead to a deficit. Even if you do not feel thirsty after waking up, the organism compensates the deficit during the day. That’s why you have to drink a glass of water every hour.

2. Consume less “empty” calories

The empty calories can be found in food that provides you with too much energy, but without any important nutrients, such as vitamins or minerals. The best example is sugar. It contains pure energy only. In the same category we can put pastries, white bread, most of the ready-made meals and fast food. They contain a lot of calories and nothing else. Under a lot of mental pressure and a little physical activity, the organism needs predominantly amino-acids, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and cellulose. Those are concentrated mainly in the natural foods and less in the processed ones. For example, you can find them in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-grained products, dairy and fish.

3. Eat colourful foods

For people who can find difficulties in consuming the recommended 5 portions of fruits and veggies per day, it will be easier to combine foods with three different colours in one meal. The food will look more beautiful, colourful and various, which, at the same time, will make the meal healthier.

4. The first meal of the day should always be breakfast

Are you one of those who never have breakfast? You are not hungry or you lack time? Actually, you don’t have to eat a big portion early in the morning. A little snack on the road or in the office is enough. That will allow you to avoid the hunger before lunch time and eating unhealthy food.

5. Avoid being hungry at noon

Breakfast will help you not starve until lunchtime. This way you won’t eat too much food at this time, which will surely make you feel tired in the afternoon. Eat as much as you need, so that you can satiate your hunger. Do not overeat.

What else can get us tired? Before everything else, the combination between carbohydrates and fast, i.e. the typical steak with French fries and pudding. Make sure to leave the potatoes, macaroni and bread aside, when you have lunch. Instead add more proteins and vegetables, for example, salad with duck fillet, fish with veggies or salad with steak without any fries. Finally – an espresso will get you through the rest of the day.

6. Eat on the way

Even when you travel, you can have a healthy meal. Of course, that’s much bigger challenge, than it is the case with home-made lunch. The most important advice here is: take a bottle of water, fruits and nuts. Avoid stopping for buying food. Combine the “unhealthy” with something “healthy”. If you buy a sausage or a hamburger, get a salad, a fruit, or yoghurt after that, too. You can get those at almost every gas station. It’s best not to eat too much while on the road, but at least once a day you can have something genuinely healthy.

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