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5 Ways You Easily Turn Healthy Food In Disaster Caloric Bombs

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Source: Wikipedia Commons; License: CC BY 3.0

When we buy fruits and vegetables, we have the most noble intention to let them stick around our dining table for as long as possible and help us eat diversely and healthily.

Have you ever given a thought that after cooking certain foods, they are still full of their nutrients Let’s say you have done your fair share of oven cleaning and you are confident there won’t be any way you can fall a victim of microbes or bacteria. Think again, the cooking process itself hides deep pitfalls which we will explore in short in this week’s Oven Clean Team’s blog post.

Dried Fruits

Apples, bananas, apricots and dates can be beneficial for your body, but not if they are dried. Most of the store-bought dried fruits have added sugars. Examine them before buying, or just read the labels.



They are delicious, rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, and, generally, as healthy as a horse. Well, not if you turn the oven hob on and fry them. You can safely boil those potatoes and eat them this way, as long as you don’t add butter or cream cheese. Oven baking at high temperatures is also not recommended – set your thermostat at around 150C. If your stove is well cleaned of dirty spots and burnt-on grime, it will cook the yams fast enough.

Peanut Butter


Under one condition – it’s difficult to find a good brand of peanut butter, cleaned off any added fats. It’s an excellent source of proteins and a healthy snack before training. If, on the other hand, you combine it with jam or jelly, spread it over a slice of white bread, or buy peanut butter that has added sugars, salt and fats, it can’t be defined as healthy food any more.

Fruit or Vegetable Salads


It’s difficult to make a mistake here – they are incredibly vigorous and delicious, as long as you didn’t pour over a bottle of salad dressing on top. There’s no reason to put chocolate, cream or sugar in the fruit salads. As far as the vegetable one is concerned, save yourselves any extra sauces, apart from olive oil, vinegar, lemon or yoghurt. Leave out the mayo and the rest of the heavy and fatty dressings out of the picture.

Cooked Vegetables


You can snack on them raw, steamed or slightly stewed, but, once they undergo a high thermal preparation in the oven, you can’t expect them to remain as healthy as they are. One of the exceptions is tomatoes – roasted in a clean oven, their nutrient levels will even increase, due to chemical reactions going inside the red veggie.


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