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3 Cooking Tips for Men (by a Woman)

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Take a look at the glamorous restaurants, the kitchens of world renown. They are heavily dominated by men. Now let’s shift our view on the domestic environment. I’m doubtful that the picture is the same – most men at home don’t want or don’t know how to cook. Not to mention that, normally, when you cook at home, you don’t have professional cleaners to do the fair share of kitchen and oven cleaning.

But we are not going to compare who cooks better. If you are put in a hypothetical situation in which you have to guess by the looks, or even harder, by the smell and taste of a meal who made it – a man or a woman chef, you will fail. Or you’ll lucky guess, as it’s 50/50 chance. Frankly, anyone who’s got a passion for food and can access good quality products can become a decent cook. I’m not talking about grilling chops, cooking up eggs or making a tomato sauce – that’s mundane. I’ve put up a handful of reasons on why men should know how to craft a dish that consists of different elements, such as main PLUS garnish and it’s as tasty as it looks.

The Indigenous Right of Men to Provide

From the Stone age’s hunting days, to the modern gourmet times, man has been at it when it comes to providing a source of nutrients for his family. Feeding your family when your spouse is having a hard time concentrating or is getting sick and tired fits perfectly in the “manly” reference.

You Can Take Charge


It’s in the nature of men to be leaders – they are taught so by a certain age and, in society, that’s what’s expected of them to become one day. What’s a better territory than the kitchen to be able to take charge of your own life? Cook fatty things and you’ll be fatty, eat right and you’ll lose weight. It’s as simple as that. That’s manly.

Here comes the tricky part in this section – it might be overwhelmingly impressive for a gal to see her significant other busting his arse in the kitchen. However, it will be double as much unimpressive to yell at her if she wants to help you with something but you are the one controlling the territory and you don’t let others come in. Just accept the offer and give a task that you know she perfected – you’ll create a great food blend together.

You Can Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

Drinking a beer off the couch is probably not the smartest way to do that. Remember the part about cooking together with your spouse? Why not crack it up a notch and get the whole family together in the kitchen? Combine pleasant conversations about how their day passed, while preparing a nutritious dinner. What’s more, you’ll be able to teach your kids how to become more independent by cooking for themselves. Or teach them how to use the oven, chop veggies and spice the meals right.

After all, cooking at home has so many benefits that it’s preposterous not to cook every once in a while. You save a decent amount of money, you know exactly what you put in your plate and you will impress your family this instant.

You are reading this article, so that means you CAN read. If you can, then you can read a recipe, too. Follow it and there’s no way you’ll mix anything up (in the long run). Chances are you’ll have several meals at the start with an off-taste, but you’ll get better, inevitably. Everyone does get better at repetitive things.

Any thoughts on the matter? I’d love if you share what is your opinion on cooking – is it manly enough for men to practice it? Is the kitchen a no man’s land? What are the positives of cooking?

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