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3 Free Ideas to Keep a Clean & Ordered House

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Author: Jeremy Levine; Source: Flickr; Attribution: CC;BY

There are these perfect home-makers – people, who, despite everything else they do in their daily lives – 8-10 work-day, 3 kids, husband/wife, 2 cats, 3 dogs and a hobby – can succeed in maintaining their home in a perfect shape. There are many others, for whom home-keeping is a cumbersome task, especially if added to the rest of their daily activities.

If you happen to be one of them, you probably get goosebumps at the thought that it’s time for cleaning and reordering again, whereas the thought that there will be a guest in your home is terrifying you. Even if you are not slouches, it’s very probably to enjoy a clean, ordered home, but you don’t want to spend countless hours in keeping it in a neat shape. Here are some ideas that can make the home-keeping easier.

Clean According to Schedule

It can be difficult in the beginning to achieve that. Cleaning according to schedule is… boring, annoying, irksome…

Be practical – choose a day of the week for each room. This way, step by step, you will turn the home-making into an easy and not-so-time-consuming task. If you get used to cleaning the kitchen every Tuesday, let’s say, instead of cleaning it after the point your pans stick on the worktops, it will be easier for you to keep the order. When you clean according to schedule, the chance to have a better order at home increases dramatically.

There’s no need to do a thorough deep clean of the selected room, of course, if there are too many tasks. One of the week can go for cleaning, ordering and sweeping the dust of the kitchen cupboards, while the other – for ordering the worktop and under it, and detailed cleaning of hobs, oven, microwave, and so on. Since you probably don’t want to collect the dirty dishes, when the day for cleaning comes, there will be activities to do each day, of course, as doing the dishes, routinely wiping the worktops and hobs and so on.

Keep the Cleaning Detergents Under Your Fingertips

It may sound weird, but it’s a certain fact that your work will be much easier, if you keep everything at a comfortable place, instead of wondering every time where you left them and rush around your home when you need anything. You can collect them in a larger plastic container with handles, which is easy to carry from room to room. Then you will have everything piled together – window cleaner, surface cleaning, floor cleaner, abrasive cleaner, sponge, kitchen paper, microfibre cloth – you just need to take the container with you to the needed room. During the rest of the time, tuck it at a high place safe from kids.

Do Things Right Away

This is a variation of “Don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow” – a saying that many people understand as “don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow, if you can do it the day after”. This, however, isn’t valid for housework – the more you postpone it, the more terrible the situation becomes, and, at the end of the week, instead of resting, you spend your weekends in had work, and, as a result, you expect to use the Monday to get “some rest” at the office – ineffective and unnecessary, right?

Try instead of that the technique of not-postponing. It sounds ridiculous, we know, but it truly works. If you don’t believe it – try it – at least for a week.

Make your bed since you get up – that’s a small thing, which, however, gives a neat appearance to the better part of the bedroom.

Clear the table straight after lunch/dinner. Completely – pick the plates, wipe it out, clean the floor from the crumbs, if any. Do the dishes right away or load the dishwasher, as soon as you clear the table.

If, due to some reasons, you don’t have the possibility to wash them right away, instead fill a large bowl with hot water and dishwasher. Remove the food leftovers and soak the plates. That way it will be very easy to wash later, without any dried food on them.

Don’t leave the pans and pots for later. Then you will still have to clean them, but, sadly, it will be more difficult, at best, when they dry.

If you spill something on the floor or on the kitchen worktop, wipe with a dampened cloth right away.

After the washing machine or the drier complete their task, take out the clothes right away – even if you have ultra-modern appliances that don’t allow for the clothes to wrinkle, they won’t wait for anyone else but you to take them out and fold them.

If you will iron, don’t wait for a big pile of clothes to start – instead, divide them according to the amount you’re used to ironing each time. Otherwise, you will feel a greater remorse towards the task.

At the beginning, you might find it difficult and annoying, doing the little things right away, instead of postponing them. But in the long term, you will see for yourselves that it’s much easier this way – if you don’t have a huge pile of small tasks that wait for your attention, because you already completed them, you will have more free time.

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