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10 Foods That Can Actually Protect Us From Sunburns

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The summer is coming and it brings alongside its sunburns – the ones that always trouble us. How to stop the harmful UV and UB lights? All of you know that it’s important not to expose your skin on continuous direct sunlight during the summer, without using an appropriate sun protection cream. Yet, the sunscreens are a temporary solution, since we can’t use them once every couple of hours. What can aid us in the battle with the harmful lights are some of the most powerful foods, packed with UV light killers. What’s more, you will surely save time cleaning the oven, since you won’t have to cook most of them.

Dark Chocolate


That’s another great news for the lovers of cocoa temptations – the dark chocolate also protects you from sunburn. Once in the organism, the flavonoids act as a sunscreen, which protects the skin from the damaging UV lights. Another advantage of the dark chocolate is that it increases the amount of oxygen in your blood which directly helps for your skin improvement.




With temperatures in London soaring up to the sky, we need to look for all kind of measures. Here come the greens. Actually, all kinds of greens, such as herbs, such as basil, parsley and rosemary are rich in antioxidants. Carotenoids and polyfenols exterminate the free radicals, generated by the sun beams.

Apart from that, the veggies like spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprout, green beans and peas contain large amounts of lutein and zeataxin, which protect our eyes from the UV lights.




The oilier fish and seafood contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps the defensive systems of the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory medium. The proteins in the fish protect you from skin cancer. Probably the only one that you should prefer oven-baked. Smoked fish, such as salmon, is never the healthiest choice.


Crimini Mushrooms


That’s a very rare kind of mushrooms, which, thanks to the selenium that’s one of their main ingredients, raise the production of antioxidants in your organism.




Those delicious red vegetables are the most appropriate food to keep us safe from the harmful influence of the summer sun. Their lycopen makes their skin more resistant to the UV lights. Apart from that, the regular eating of tomatoes and tomato sauce raises the skin elasticity and protects it from premature ageing.


Sour Cherries


Not everyone enjoys their sour taste, but they are incredibly helpful when it comes to skin protection, because they are a rich source of melatonin. It can restore your skin’s condition, if it has already been damaged by the sun rays.


Flax seed and nuts


Like fish, the flax seed and nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and are an appropriate choice for people, who dislike seafood.




The watermelon contains lycopen, such as the one that’s in tomatoes, too. Apart from that, the watermelon is quite a good choice in the summer days, when its too hot to eat anything but a fruit, containing 92% of water.




The pomegranate is truly a treasure box of antioxidants. Make sure to include it in your summer menu.

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