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On Every Fridge’s Mystery – What Setting is Coldest from 1 to 5?

You just bought some milk and you want to make sure it lasts in the fridge but the temperature dial doesn’t seem to have any indicators. Fridge freezer temperature settings are rarely mentioned in the manual and often remain a mystery. So, if the numbers go from 1 to 5, then which is the coldest? Are these degrees or frosting power? Read more »

How Do You Single-handedly Disconnect a Gas Cooker

When it comes to playing around with gas ovens it’s better to be safe than sorry. Initially, disconnecting a gas cooker bayonet fitting may seem tricky. Spills are especially dangerous but we have the good news for you.
What is there to know about linking the appliances? Are you dealing with this manner for the first time? Rest assured that you have the capacity to do it correctly and all by yourself! Read more »

Directions for perfectly even pie reheating

delicious-pieSafely reheating a pie in the oven might turn out a greater challenge than it seems at first glance. Pies are in their most dense on the inside with a sensitive to burn crust. Often the attempt results in failure leaving you with a seemingly pastry-burnt pie that is barely warm on the inside.

Is there a universal golden reheat meat pie temperature? As oven specialists we are obligated to reveal you the secrets of an evenly heated pie. We know this is not something you’d ask your neighbours about (and shouldn’t). Read more »

Truths & Myths of Oven Cleaner Fumes

toxic_1There’s a reason oven cleaners you can obtain around the counter are already infamous. Inhaling oven cleaning fumes after cleaning has been known as quite dangerous, resulting in painful cough and sore throat. Reading the sticker you might find that ingesting them is lethal. So how come they are so toxic and yet easily acquirable? Why are they marketed as something that you can clean your stove with if in it is where you cook food for yourself and your family? Are these fumes there to stay and are over cleaner dangers underrated?

All good questions and it’s time we give you some answers by getting to the bottom of it. Read more »

Catalytic ovens – what you need to know about self-cleaning

Catalytic ovens are part of the self-cleaning ovens – the highest magic of new technologies in the 21st century. Surely, having an oven that can save you the post-traumatic stress of cleaning it on occasion is an advantage for every cook with a grain of self-respect out there.

Catalytic ovens?

This oven was censured black and white because it was too dirty for our blog.

This oven was censured black and white because it was too dirty for our blog.


Yes! The name comes from the catalysts they use as a coat material that helps turn any unwanted food mess to ash. We’ll get there in a second. Note that there are in fact more than one type of self cleaning ovens which include: catalytic and pyrolytic. The two will do the work…more or less. Worry not – this is why we’ve invested in people to write our blog posts – to inform you when it comes to such sensitive oven matters.

What is the difference?

Most important difference is in the self cleaning mechanisms of the oven.

Let us explain. Read more »

What To Eat For a Better Sleep


Sliced bananas close-up.

Dinner is important, but do not overdo it – your body is preparing for a break.

Probably everybody knows the following situation: you try with all your powers to fall sleep but you end up staring the ceiling. We can resort to a sleeping pill, but does it have to be our first choice? It’s better just to learn to control the amount of food for dinner and leave for dessert any of the products that can help you sleep better. Read more »

Mason Jar Salad

Salad in a bowl

So who in the world of busy schedules that is today has time to prepare one, let alone two salads a day? However, as simple as it sounds, the salads also need our attention and preparation time you might otherwise spend with the kids, the family dog or just in the company of a readable book, unwinding after work. Read more »

9 Reasons to Fall in Love with Lentils


Author: J. Pincas; Source: Flickr; Attribution: CC; BY 2.0

The lentils is one of the five most healthy foods on the planet, according to a recently published ranking of Health Magazine. And that is due to a simple reason: “It has a positive influence on so many aspects of life. Lentils is good for blood circulation, for our taste buds, even to our wallets and the environment. Moreover, most recipes with lentils are extremely low in simple sugars and gluten. This makes it suitable food for people with diabetes and gluten intolerance. Here come the 9 benefits of these delicious small grains: Read more »

Dry Air – Buy A Humidifier


dry-air-humidifier machine

Your throat is dry, your lips are chapped, you cough, your skin is red and itchy… no you did not catch a new kind of virus. The reason for all this can be the dry air in your home.

Usually people pay more attention to the problem with high humidity at home and the fight with the mould and fungi later on. But we must know, that the dry air is not any better, either. The heating devices are the main cause for its appearance. Read more »

How To Irritate Your Better Half In the Kitchen

cooking with wife

Women have ruled over the kitchen since the dawn of mankind. We have reached a stage though, in which the culinary clash between the sexes has evened. More and more men decide to surprise their better halves with a meal of their own. However, a good number of ladies still can’t get used to the thought of men who mess around, although it will free them from one of the everyday household chores. Read more »