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Jump in the British BBQ Season Prepared with a Professional Barbecue Cleaning

Burnt on food and rust on your barbecue grates impact the taste of your meals and decrease the life of your grill as they wear out quicker. With our expert service for your barbecue cleanliness restoration you’re counting on:

  • Removal of the carcinogen burnt grease and food remains
  • Specialists with 5 years of industry experience
  • Eco-friendly, yet effective detergents and degreasers, not available over the counter
  • A grill that can be used immediately after the job
  • A service that’s available 7 days a week AND on Bank holidays
  • A Fully insured service with local professionals

Usually customers: combine the BBQ treatment with a cooker cleaning service.

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Our cleaning procedure

No taboo type of grill for our barbecue cleaning!

As grills can range from the type of energy utilised to the type of use – the knowledge for their parts and cleaning is also diverse.

Thankfully our experience as a cleaning company has allowed covering them all:

  • large and small barbecues
  • spit roasters & rotisserie grills
  • kamado grills
  • smoker grills
  • kettle grills
  • hooded grills
  • gas, charcoal, electric grills
  • portables

Make sure you’re prepared for the delicious summer season while prolonging the life of your outdoor cooking equipment. The easiest way to clean a rusty barbecue is simply calling a profesional service.

Local to you in and around London for greater convenience

Small portable barbecue.If you’re situated in London or around the M25 (Midlands, South & North West England) we will have a BBQ cleaner near you! This means that if you’re happy with the results you could eventually hire the same exact pro.

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