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What our services for AGA cleaning stand out with across London and the M25

double oven and kitchen appliances deal

Oven Clean Team is familiar with the complexity of the AGA range cookers as well as Rayburn and other models.

These cookers differ from the regular ones. When being cleaned they have specific parts that demand attention. We promise to:

  • Use special enamel-friendly cleaning products allowing us…
  • …to avoid scratching and chemical surface damage;
  • Treat removable parts with a special dip tank cleaning (which we also use for our oven cleaning service);
  • Be insured as AGAs are too much of a jewel anyway;
  • Have special offers for booking multiple services at once.

Common customer practice: This service often goes hand by hand with the cooker hood cleaning service.

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What will our AGA oven care improve for you?

Aga cleaned by us.A cleaned range cooker.

If properly maintained, an AGA oven’s lifespan can exceed that of conventional ovens by three times. Oven Clean Team’s expert oven care services will rejuvenate your AGA heat-storage cooker in more than one way:

  • improved running costs, as carbon build ups hinder proper heating up
  • improved cooking hygiene and environment
  • improved taste of meals as no previously-cooked-food odours will spoil them

We clean all modules and sizes.

Oven Clean Team Serves all of London and the cities surrounding M25

Having cleaning experts to serve your local area is part of Oven Clean Team’s trust policy. All the cleaners are vetted and DBS checked.

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