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About Oven Clean Team

Oven Clean Team is the name behind which professional cleaners from London with plenty of years of experience operating. We have quality certificates and experience with some of the best and biggest companies in the industry. We gathered together in order to combine our skills and knowledge and to deliver better and reasonably priced service.

  • We cover all of London, Greater London and SE UK.
  • We work according to the highest standards in the industry, always with health and safety in mind. We take advantage of green cleaning solutions and methods which are not harmful to the people and the pets in the property.


We want to deliver a service which saves people’s time, gives comfort and security and improves food taste. We believe that cleaner and fresher looking environment can actually make people feel better in their homes. A comfort zone in which each member of the household can feel calm and relaxed, away from the messy world outside. We believe that in our homes are we should get most of our positive energy and want to help people achieve that.


Global Goals (Vision)

  • We believe our services help UK households experience more home cooked food. We use green cleaners and washing methods to make home food preparation more pleasant. Our way to proceed in that major and quite ambitious goal is by introducing the benefits of a clean and well-ordered kitchen and oven in specific.
  • As a professional and commercial organization, we want to expand around the UK and to keep our main business values and principles. This will allow us to introduce our message to a wider range of people.

Strategic Goals

  • We have established ourselves as a trustworthy company and a symbol of quality. In the near future, we want to grow our business and apply our quality standards and understandings of the importance of customer satisfaction around the country.

Operational Goals

(What we do in the short term)

  • constant quality control and improvement – we own different certificates and cover the quality standards of the biggest and most trustworthy companies in the business. Our constant improvement by listening to our clients is what we believe is our way to deliver a service which is better every time.
  • we train our staff making sure they follow the main mission of the company and understand that our work is to deliver a service which allows the customers to spend more pleasant time in their homes.
  • we plan to increase the customer feedback based decisions in order to improve the different stages of our service.
  • we not only train our technicians and introduce them to the newest and best technologies in the business but listen to what they have to say about their job. We believe their advice and point of view can improve our service and can allow us to deliver more quality at the same prices.

Social and Environmental Engagement

We perform green cleaning, use natural friendly solutions and improve our process to use less paper, less energy and fuel in our job. We monitor every aspect of the process in order to make a small evolution in what is already a well-optimised process.


For a clearly better cooking experience.

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