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Cooker hood grease filters are among the things in the kitchen that need constant attention and maintenance or you might as well say goodbye to your old extractor. Having them cleaned up along with the extractor’s fan will significantly increase its life expectancy and improve its work quality(no heating up inside, better air flow).

Why Choose These Extractor Cleaners?

At Oven Clean Team we take pride in the services we provide, because of our strong background that has turned into our main advantages such as:

◢ Almost a decade of experience on the market places us among the current leaders;

◢ Using environment-friendly solutions gives our clients confidence in their safety;

◢ Every extractor cleaning technician is fully-vetted/fully insured;

Option to replace a worn out extractor filter upon request;

◢ Enticing discounts for booking more than one service;

Advanced Dip-Tank Cleaning Method for Thorough Extractor Parts Degreasing

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We clean with a smile

Cooker hood filters are prone to clogging with grease and debris because they are the main route for cooking smoke/evaporation. Special attention is necessary in order to preserve them functional for longer. Our special cleaning method in the face of dip tank cleaning allows us to deal with said debris completely and in depth:

  1. We take apart all the removable parts of the extractor hood.
  2. We dip the filters into a tank filled with toxic-free non-abrasive solution;
  3. While they soak, we manually scrub the body with strong degreasers;
  4. Finally, we rinse and dry everything and we mount back the appliance;
  5. In case you ask, we can replace a gone-off light bulb or the whole filter;

Extracting the Best of the Oven Clean Team

We will take care of your kitchen extractor without you having to lift a finger! Leave it to professional technicians that are certified and have specialised equipment for the job. Bet on us anytime during the week, too – we will charge no more than the regular price since hidden fees are excluded from our company’s policy.

We offer range cooker cleaning too.

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