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Eco-Friendly BBQ Cleaning in London with Oven Clean Team

barbecue cleaning in London

Our BBQ cleaning procedure

Get a professional deep cleaning of your barbecues and grills when you get in touch with our BBQ cleaning service in London today! The experienced cleaners are armed and ready to get to work as soon as we arrive. You’ll be able to enjoy extra free time with your family and friends whilst we do all the dirty work! We’ve provided our cleaning services for years and take pride in our 95% positive feedback.

Thorough BBQ Cleaning Service With Loads of Perks

Our BBQ cleaning service is suitable for all barbecue and grill owners. We’ll provide you with an individual assessment and a quality deep clean, alongside all of the following benefits:

  • 5 years of experience in the industry
  • Eco-friendly and effective BBQ cleaning detergents, not available over the counter
  • Grill can be used immediately after cleaning
  • Decrease your energy consumption as a clean BBQ takes less time to heat up
  • A service available 7 days a week

Get your own special discount of up to 10% for every additional service you book with us – try our fridge cleaning and our oven cleaning in London, and save even more!

Particulars of Our Grill Cleaning Technique

A clean BBq in London

Clean BBQ

When you choose the grill cleaning experts we’ll come and inspect your BBQ before starting the job. The extensively trained cleaners will spray the grill, hand scrape the BBQ and wipe with anti-bacterial detergent. We’ll remove and wash all parts with our degreasing, eco-friendly solutions and thoroughly scrub the outside surfaces of the BBQ. Then we’ll place all removable parts back. We can clean gas, charcoal and hooded grills, smokers, kettle BBQs, Kamado, portable BBQs and spit roasters. Our skills cover BBQ pits too!

Excellent Barbecue Grill Cleaning from Trained Pros

We’ll send a barbecue grill cleaning team to you. We’re highly trained in grill cleansing methods and techniques, as you will see from the results we deliver. We’re vetted and reference checked, fully insured and experienced. We know how to clean your BBQ’s without using detergents that would harm the environment, you or your pets. We’re kind, caring, considerate and dedicated to helping you. Our effective and professional cleaning detergents aren’t available over the counter, you’ll be able to use your grill as soon as we finish, plus you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor meals for much longer.

Hire Us for the Cleaning of Stainless Steel Grills

Cleaning stainless steel grills is just one of the quality services we offer.Make sure to check our pricing page and contact us on 020 3746 3012 to make your booking! Our friendly customer care advisers staff our call centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve also got a handy contact form to complete if you’d rather get your free quotes and place your orders online. However, you choose to get in touch we’ll be here to help in your quest to hire the best grill cleaner!

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