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Oven Cleaning Team in London and The UK - Give Us Your Dirty Ovens !

Oven Cleaner in London

Positive results with our services.

The professional UK and London oven cleaning team have got the skills and the know-how to give you an efficient and effective service. We know the importance of a budget and we’ll only charge you fair, affordable rates. Our customers have recognised the quality of our work – our 95% approval rating proves it.


The specialists now clean in your area as well.


How we carry out our service:

  • Firstly, we’ll disassemble your furnace’s door and racks.
  • We’ll then deeply scrub its interior, taking our time so we don’t miss anything.
  • While we’re doing this the removed parts will be soaking in a heated water solution which’ll dissolve any grime – the so called dip tank method.
  • The outside of your oven will also be cleaned before we reassemble the components.
  • We’ll finish by testing your oven to make sure everything is in order.

See more about our service in our oven cleaning page.

Why 5000 People Already Trusted The Expert Pro Oven Cleaners in London?

Before and after the cleaning comparison

Before and after our oven cleaning service

The oven cleaners always have our clients’ best interests at heart. We give you excellent customer experience – here’s what else we’ll offer you:

  • Effective, professional degreasing detergents that are completely eco-friendly and not available over the counter
  • Complete freedom from grease, grime and burnt carbon deposits through our dip-tank method and thorough cleaning techniques
  • A comprehensive, efficient service that will leave your oven ready to use immediately after
  • Better tasting food from a clean furnace
  • A reduction in your oven’s energy consumption
  • An option to replace faulty parts like seals or light bulbs, identified during the service
  • A longer-lasting kitchen appliance


Detailed Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services to Choose From

Need something more than our cooker cleaning service? Have a look at the comprehensive, kitchen deep cleaning services, we offer in London and many areas in UK.

  • Kitchen appliances cleaning: get a professional valet of your whole cooker and oven, washing machine, microwave and dishwasher, and enjoy amazing results
  • Gas hob cleaning: a manual scrubbing of your gas hobs with degreasing eco-friendly detergents
  • Electric hob cleaning: scrubbing your electric hob by hand, using eco-friendly, degreasing solvent
  • Fridge cleaning: an expert deep clean of your fridge and freezer, inside and out, soaking removable parts into a gentle cleaning solution, to give you a sanitized food storage area
  • Extractor cleaning: specialist deep cleaning of your extractor including the filter, applying the deep tank method for removable parts, and manual scrubbing for the extractor body
  • BBQ cleaning: a full dismantling of your BBQ for a thorough and precise inside and outside clean. We’ll even hand scrape and wipe it with an anti-bacterial sanitizing agent
  • One off deep cleaning: an hourly-based service designed for your specific cleaning needs
  • Tile and grout cleaning: cleaning of grouting and grout shower cubicles using elbow grease or specialised tools. Removal and/or touching up of old grout and grout around tiles
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning: professional cleaning and degreasing of commercial appliances such as ranges, fryers, splashbacks, canopies, filters, hoods, floors, walls and more. Ask our operators for more details.

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Receive a free quote whenever you choose to call, we’ll tell you all you want to know about our discounted oven cleaning prices and will help you through the booking process. You can also request a quote and book your service online through our websites’ contact form. Alternatively, use our chat feature to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer care advisers any time 24/7. We’re available 7 days a week at no extra charge. Remember, some of our services can ONLY be booked AFTER a viewing, so arrange your free consultation todаy! Get a proven clean by Oven Clean Team where you are today!

Feel free to contact us on 020 3746 3012 to find out whether the dedicated technicians working with Oven Clean Team  are available in your local area.


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